Saturday, February 2, 2013

Megan & Jens Omli Wedding

A Kauai Wedding Dream Come True

A day after the new year, my stomach was churning with anticipation as I walked outside into the wild weather of Kauai, Hawaii. A light breeze, 60%-ish humidity, and specks of drizzling rain felt just about right. As I breathed in deeply the fresh, pollution-less air, I could almost taste the sweet smells of tropical fruits and hawaiian flowers.
This was my reality for one week. I was working, yes working, on the tropical island of Kauai. I still can't believe it all happened.
I had the wonderful honor of photoshooting Megan Christensen and Jens Omli's wedding. This family celebration in the tropics was beyond meaningful for so many reasons. For one week, I freely walked around catching little moments full of joy, passion, and genuine love between not just the couple, but the entire Christensen and Omli family. It was as if these two families had known each other for years. The love and support surrounding every single person made the ceremony as sentimental as it could be. Here are a few of the many pictures showing my dear friends, Megan and Jens special day.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Miss Lizzie {Senior Portraits}


Over Thanksgiving, I was lucky to come home and spend quality time with my family. Unfortunately, my quality time ended up being devoted to my bed. I was sick. Super sick with Tonsillitis and a terrible virus known to all as "The Kissing Disease". Yes, adults can still get Mono. I do not wish it on anyone. All in all, I am proud to say, I braved through a day of photo shooting Miss Lizzie for her senior portraits, and it was well worth it. Despite the exhaustion, I had so much fun with her and her sister, Theresa, as we waltzed through the back roads of Granite Bay, braving the brisk November weather, taking advantage of the fall leaves that lay perfectly just waiting to be used as a backdrop for this photo shoot. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Megan & Jens

Megan & Jens {Engagement}
It is truly a beautiful thing when you stay friends with someone you've known since diapers all the way up to their wedding day. Miss Megan Christensen and my parents made sure of that. Our families were "forced" to go on vacation together at Lake Almanor, a lake north of Chico, in a little town called Chester. We have been going once a year for the past 27 years, and we are most definitely not stopping that beautiful tradition. So, it makes sense that when Megan and Jens asked me to take their engagement photos while they were visiting San Diego, I couldn't have been more thrilled to capture their relationship, and simply enjoy quality time with life long friends.
I am so excited to share that Megan and Jens have asked me to also shoot their destination wedding on Kauai in January. It will be a small, beautifully intimate wedding with only family, and I am beyond honored to be apart of such a special day for Megan and Jens.